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Arcadia Valley has an enormous abundance of actvities and things to do.  Many of these activites include enjoying the nature and beauty that surrounds the Arcadia Valley which stretches along the Mark Twain National Forest.  Visiting the valley or being a resident here, never leaves a day where you can't witness some amazing beauty and have fun while doing so year round.

Bird Watching

Arcadia Valley is full of oak and hickory trees, flowing rivers, and several lakes and streams.This provides an amazing habitat for a lot of different bird species.  

Whether you enjoy watching them soar through the air or capture them with your camera, the Arcadia Valley offers an amazing opportunity to enjoy bird watching.

Farmer's Market

During the summer month's local groups and individuals kindly provide the Arcadia Valley with a weekly farmer's market.  It takes place each Friday starting at 3:00pm.  The market features flowers, berries, fruits, vegetables, and much more.  

Starting at 6:00pm you can also enjoy live music with Pick'in in the Square.

This all takes place on the grounds of the historic Iron County Courthouse.  Come enjoy the outdoors and pick up some fresh farm to table food from local vendors.


A leisurely and fun way to spend a day or longer is relaxing and catching fish.  Fortunately the Arcadia Valley Region has a multitude of fishing holes and rivers where you can enjoy all there is about fishing.

Just to mention a few of the lakes, check out Shepherd Mountain Lake, Lake Killarney & Crane Lake.


Whether you are new to golfing or a professional, chances are you will have a great time hitting the links offered in the Arcadia Valley Region.  

Arcadia Valley Country Club

Highway 72 
Ironton, MO  63650

(573) 546-9508 

Viburnum Golf & Country Club

1436 North Highway Y

Viburnum, MO 65566

(573) 244-5688

Horseback Riding

Horseback trail rides and lessons are currently available at Black River Traditions LLC


In the Arcadia Valley Region there are a large variety of hunting opportunities.  From deer, turkey and squirrel to so much more.  Look for further details here.

Live Music

During several of the valley's festivals there are live bands with great music.  But in addition to this come and enjoy live music each Friday evening during the summer in the courthouse square.

In addition to these great events Bearcat Getaway offers live bands and entertainment throughout the summer.

Bearcat Getaway
Hyatt's Creek Rd., Lesterville, MO


"Join us by the river and under the stars during the summer season for live music concerts, music festivals and special event weekends.  Whether or not you are camping with us, you are welcome to come on down for the concerts.  If you wish to take advantage of our delicious all-you-can-eat meals, they're available by advance reservation.  Just give us a call.  We pride ourselves in booking the best entertainment available.  Whether you're a bluegrass fan, a rock fan, a blues fan, or love that county music, we're sure you'll find a fun-filled evening of live entertainment that will be right up your alley.  See you this summer!  See the schedule for the summer season and visit our website here."


Kids love playing on the equipment at playgrounds.  For this reason there are several playgrounds placed around Arcadia Valley.  Whether it's before or after your hike through Elephant Rocks State Park or wanting to grill out and have a picnic next to the Historic Fort Davidson, there are playgrounds for your children to enjoy.  

River Floats

One of the best ways to cool of in the hot summer months and have a really fun time with your friends or social outing is to take a float trip down the Black River.  This exciting and fun day can be enjoyed in a in canoe, raft, kayak or on a tubes.  Contact one of the several specialists offering float trips on the Black River in Southeast Missouri.

  1. Bearcat Getaway  ♦  Hyatt's Creek Rd.  ♦  Lesterville, MO  63654  ♦  573-637-2264  ♦

  2. Black River Outfitters at Horseshoe Ranch

  3. Deer Creek Campground

  4. Franklin's Floats

  5. Jeff's Canoe Rental

  6. Parks Bluff

  7. Riversedge 

  8. Twin Rivers Landing

  9. Wilderness Lodge


During the hot summer months, if you can't make it to float down the Black River, then you are still in luck to stay cool.  Not only are there many places along the Black River that serve as swimming holes, but the Ironton City Pool is also available.  So whether it's the city pool or a swim at Johnson's Shut-ins State Park, you're sure to get cool and wet!

Arcadia Valley Pool

W Park Dr, Ironton, MO 63650

(573) 546-2308

Open Daily 12pm - 5pm (seasonally)  

Star Gazing

Given the amazing location that the Arcadia Valley is positioned in Southeast Missouri, it is far enough away from the bright city lights to give viewers an amazing view of the dark night sky.  This is perfect conditions for those that like to enjoy the mystique and beauty of watching the stars.  On cloudless nights it is very easy to distinguish all the major star constellations, from the Big Dipper to Orion's Belt.  So bring your telescope, binoculars, camera or just eyes and let the beauty of our starry heavens take your breathe away.

How many shooting stars can you count in one night?


The Arcadia Valley is proud that the Arcadia Valley Theatre Guild calls our valley home.  They happily provide several live plays throughout the year.  These amazing presentations take place at the Arcadia Academy.

To learn more and see upcoming plays, please visit the guild's website.


With all of the history and beautiful nature that is in and surround the valley, one of the best ways to make sure you see the most out of your time here is to take a guided tour.

Whether you are looking to learn more about civil war history and see the historic sites or find the best spots to take in the natural wonders of Arcadia Valley, Arcadia Valley Tours can take you, show you and teach you all about our happy area.

AV Tours.JPG

13700 Highway 21  Arcadia, MO 63621


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